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The Gary Housing Authority's Housing Choice Voucher (HCV Program) Waiting List is now CLOSED and no longer accepting applications.

At the end of the application period, GHA will use a randomized, computer selection that gives preference first to those that qualify for the GHA waiting list preferences, up to 5,000 applicants. If these selections do not result in a waiting list of 5,000 applicants, GHA will use a randomized, computer selection to select applicants from among those that do not meet the GHA waiting list preferences until a total list of 5,000 is established.

By July 1, 2017, all applicants will receive an email and letter via U.S. Mail to inform them whether or not they were selected for the official HCV Waiting List. Applicants may also log onto to check on their status, after this date. GHA may not have information regarding your status prior to this date. 

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FAQ List:
  1. What is the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP)?
  2. When is GHA opening its Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Waiting List?
  3. Is there a cost to submit a HCV Waiting List pre-application?
  4. If I am already on a waiting list for another housing authority, can I still apply?
  5. Who can apply for the HCV Waiting List?
  6. How can I apply for the HCV Waiting List?
  7. What if I do not have an e-mail address?
  8. Does the Gary Housing Authority have any waiting list preferences?
  9. How many pre-applications may I submit?
  10. Can more than one person in my household submit a pre-application for the HCV Waiting List?
  11. What are the eligibility requirements for an applicant to be admitted into the Housing Choice Voucher Program?
  12. What happens after I submit the pre-application?
  13. Can I change my income and asset information after I submit my pre-application?
Submission of a pre-application provides a chance for applicants to be selected for the HCV Waiting List. Submission of a pre-application by an applicant, however, does not guarantee that the applicant will be selected for the waiting list.

Applicants who require assistance in completing a pre-application because of a disability, or they require language translation services or communication in an alternate format, or for other reasons, may call the GHA call center at (219) 390-9115 (local) or (888) 393-3263 (toll free) where staff are available to assist from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., every day during the application period. Applicants with hearing or speech disabilities using TDD or TTY technology may call Indiana Relay Service by dialing 7-1-1 for assistance.